Always honor your accomplishments


While some are quick to say good bye to 2015 for me its bitter sweet.  2015  has brought on so many great memories and experiences.  I traveled to three different countries, met new people, blended a family, dug deeper into the self, grew closer to my family, and experienced love on such a profound level.  As I experienced life this year I was present in each and every moment often times stopping to just breathe and soak in the moment.  I like to end my year with thoughts of my accomplishments rather than only thinking of things I might have failed on.  My biggest accomplishment this year is remaining present through every experience that I dug into.   This year has been my best year yet.


As I enter into a new year I have a sense of peace and calm on what is to come.  I’ve stretched myself to places within me I never knew existed. Three years ago when I was just discovering who I was I  had hope that I would get to the place I am today.  I knew during the hard times that all I had to do was get through it.  Feel it. Handle it. Process it and grow from it.  So when the clock struck midnight on 12/31/2015 I didn’t cry. I wasn’t scared of 2016. I just sat in peace reflecting on how different this New Years Eve had been compared to the three before.  This year my goal is to spend more time with others.  I was so busy taking care of my heart and healing my soul that now I am ready to do more for others.


On the last full moon of 2015 I wrote down all the things I wanted to let go of. My list had two things that I had already been working towards…I ripped up the paper and tossed it into the ocean.  As the waves swallowed my list I smiled and realized I had already let those things go a long time ago. All I was doing was holding on to the “idea”.  It was my ah ha moment, but even with that I honored myself that night and was proud of my accomplishments.

So lets ring in the new year honoring yourself for being, for loving, for forgiving, for helping, for being kind.



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  1. Bianca Valentim-Thomas

    Such a beautiful post!!! I’m so proud and happy for you!!!
    You are beautiful soul!

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