A few years ago the light bulb of awareness turned on and only shines brighter today.  My divorce rocked my world but helped me grow into the wholehearted woman I am today.  Although most would say awareness usually is gradual I feel like mine turned on over night.  I became aware of the struggle I was living in and decided to make changes.  Changes that would allow me to fall more in love with God, myself, my family and my life. 

Welcome to Om Where You Are Planted.  This phrase popped into my mind during my meditation practice on a hectic day in which it took everything in me to make time to sit and be still.  Om Where you are planted is a platform for me to share my life journey with those who want to walk beside me. OM pronounced AUM is a scared sound or icon that has many meanings.  For me it is a connection with Oneness a connection to the self.  Allowing the thoughts and feeling the emotions without attaching to them.  Sitting in silence during the most hectic and difficult times of my life allow me to process things with a much clearer mind and softer heart.  I encourage you to Om Where You Are Planted.  Take time to disconnect from the outer world and sit in the moment or wherever you are planted and remind yourself to connect to none other than you.