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Lets Kid Around with Kidding Around Yoga

IMG_5652When I graduated with my 200 RYT Certification I never imagined I would want to teach kids yoga.  I just always had a vision of holding space for adults who might need yoga as their outlet to a stressful world.  In the past the only child I would share space with was my seven year old daughter.  She seemed to enjoy the flow of our yoga practice.  She did the poses, sat in meditation and lied in savasana without any movement.  She seemed to be very present in her practice.  What I didn’t take into account was that my daughter is like an old soul, very in tune with her spiritual side and just as I use my mat to be present and silent so did she.  Either that or she was just imitating me.  When I started to teach my young boys they ran off the mat at their first down dog. I realized then that Kids Yoga was a whole different animal (pun intended) and that all children are not the same.

This intrigued me and I started researching the benefits of children’s yoga.  My children are in a blended family and that in itself creates stress and emotions in which might be difficult for my kids.   Some children are introverted. Some children are stressed about their rigorous school schedule and/or assessment exams.  Research shows that children’s yoga can develop body awareness and teach children how to use their bodies in a healthy way.  Kids yoga provides children with stress management through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement. In my opinion the best part is that they get to dance, sing and act like kids.

Lucky for me I didn’t have to go far to find a wonderful training such as Kidding Around Yoga (click link to obtain more information)  I had seen Kidding Around Yoga on my Facebook page a few months back advertising their Kids Training Certification and was able to easily find them on line.  They were super accessible and affordable.  Keep an eye out because there are times when they offer specials on tuition.  You don’t have to be a Registered Yoga Teacher; anyone can take the course.  I contacted my Yogi Sister who I have formed a beautiful friendship with during my 200 RYT Certification and together we enrolled in the course.  I completed the 2 part module before taking the live class which was great because it made the class flow without any confusion.  The live course was only two days: Saturday and Sunday.  Which was also beneficial because it didn’t take too much out of my busy schedule of teaching yoga, working full time and being a mommy to three. Hashtag #thestruggleisreal

I walked into the class shy not knowing what to expect but our teacher Sarah Hawks quickly broke the ice with a little yogi dance.  Which was quite funny because we all knew the words of the song from our studies.  Everyone was laughing and quickly filled with energy.   We learned games, songs, asanas, mediation and the business of being a Kids Yoga Teacher.  The KAY Training was absolutely OMazing.  I truly did not expect to have so much fun. Sarah Hawks our teacher and Kids Yoga Guru was super funny and kept us all engaged.  The KAY program itself has so many benefits and perks such as access to songs created especially for the KAY Program, access to games, ideas for classes and so much more.  I left feeling super inspired and so excited to continue my growth on my journey through yoga.  I am extremely grateful to KAY, Sarah and the people I shared my weekend with.

Happy Dance !

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