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FINKA Table and Tap


One Word : AhhhMAZinG

About a year ago I read an article on Miami’s 30 under 30 and read that the owner of FINKA table and tap was a young woman.  I was elated to see such a young and successful woman thriving in such a tough business and for this reason alone I wanted to visit .  Time past and I moved further from the area where the restaurant is located so I never made it there…Until today.

The décor is rustic from the floors to the tables to walls.  Every inch of FINKA was detailed.  The plates were antique and lemonade was served in Mason Jars with a slice of lemon.  The servers were edgy and bohemian chic which must be a requirement to work there.  They wore suspenders and the cutest aprons. Having brunch there really felt like you were just hanging out on a FINKA with family and friends laughing and having a great time.

They have an extensive menu and the presentation was on point.  I looked as though everything was perfectly placed on your plate.  The black bean hummus was so tasty it inspired me to come home and try to recreate it myself. The bartender was very experienced and knew exactly would I would like.  His name is Robert if you ever make it there say Hi.

I live almost 45 minutes away from FINKA table and tap and I will tell you it was worth the drive.

There is still some time to make it out there tonight!

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