It’s been a while since I’ve sat down in front of my computer screen and allowed the words to come through my heart to my mind and on to the screen.  I feel like this past year has flown by so fast but yet time was taken to be present and allow it flow with awareness through every passing day.  I went from being a single mom to moving in with my boyfriend and his two boys, traveling to three countries in a year, added to my ever growing garden, read lots of books, took lots of photos, spent lots of intimate moments with my growing child and best of all fell in love with the man I was truly meant to share my life with.  When I felt as though things were moving rapidly I would take time to slow down and get grounded.  Maybe because presence and awareness allows that for me.

I’ve learned many life lessons in only three years but the growth that I’ve see even surprises me. It feels good to look back and not be hurt by the past but instead embrace it.  Embracing even the most trying times can feel liberating.  No one wants to feel pain.  People don’t run into situations wanting to hurt but sometimes its necessary to see what we are truly made of.  I came out of one of the most trying times in my life with my head high and the confidence I never though I had.  My past is behind me and my future so promising.  I now navigate through this life with a new set of eyes and possibilities that are endless.

With that being said I wanted another fresh start on a platform for me that serves as therapy, joy and inspiration (my previous blog  I want to create a space for people to come and feel inspired.  It was through my hardest times that I turned to women who would inspire me with their words on blog post or in their memoirs or just in conversation. Inspiration can be found in all places but you must allow your spirit to be open to it.

Welcome Spirit friends let our hearts be open to be inspired.

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  1. Bianca Valentim-Thomas

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You rock!

  2. Sylvia

    Just beautiful. So proud of you

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